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Why a Micro-Market is the Supreme Vending Service in Salt Lake City and Phoenix

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Why a Micro-Market is the Supreme Vending Service in Salt Lake City and Phoenix

In today’s fast-paced work environment, a quality break room is key. Workers want easy access to snacks and meals. They don’t want to have to drive offsite to find fresh foods, specialty items, and tasty snacks. A well-stocked and convenient break room can help increase employee satisfaction and productivity. How can companies make this happen? Traditional vending machines have served this purpose for decades. It’s true that vending machines are great for break rooms! However, a micro-market can offer even more benefits. How?

Here are some reasons for Salt Lake City and Phoenix workplaces to consider a micro-market:

A Micro-Market Enhances Trust and Company Morale

Micro-markets go beyond traditional vending machines. They offer in-house food and beverage options in an open layout. That can make your break room more inviting and comfortable. With an enhanced break room, you can build trust between your company and your employees.

Adding a Salt Lake City and Phoenix micro-market also shows your team you care. They’ll enjoy easy access to their favorite products. Plus, open markets allow customers to pick up and see products. That means your employees can examine items before purchase, enhancing trust. With this in mind, a micro-market can boost company morale. Additionally, it can foster a positive work environment.

A Customized Salt Lake City or Phoenix Micro-Market Provides Greater Flexibility

Picture a micro-market. It is unique from a food vending machine in layout and design. It has pretty glass-front coolers and open shelves. It’s almost like a grocery store! However, it’s a self-serve solution. That means it’s open around the clock. Thanks to modern technology, customers can check out on their own at a kiosk.

Phoenix Micro-Market | Salt Lake City Vending Machines | Break Room Refreshments

Salt Lake City and Phoenix micro-markets are also flexible in products. Include anything you’d like. They can feature fresh fruit and vegetables. Or, add whole wheat snacks. Be sure to include favorite treats such as candy bars and carbonated beverages. You can customize your micro-market to match your preferences. That’s what makes them so amazing.

Many studies show people snack emotionally. In other words, they might eat when they’re nervous. Or, they might grab a snack when they’re feeling down, or even when they want to celebrate. So, offering the right kind of snacks is very important. For example, companies can offer Righteous Felon Jerky. It’s a healthier and delicious jerky option. That allows people to indulge in a craving while staying healthy.

With a Micro-Market, You Get Unbeatable Convenience

What’s the best part about a micro-market? They have conveniences you can’t beat. They’re just steps from the office. That means that employees can buy healthy foods in minutes.

Imagine you have a busy day. There’s hardly time to think about lunch, let alone a snack. However, with a micro-market in your Salt Lake City or Phoenix break room, you can find a few minutes to grab a sandwich or a wrap. Studies show that employees often replace meals with snacks. That makes it even more important to stock your break room with healthy foods. A micro-market can be filled with foods to energize and fuel your team.

No one works well on an empty stomach. When your Salt Lake City and Phoenix employees get enough to eat, they’ll be more productive. Plus, they’ll be in a better mood!

Enjoy the Best Breakroom Choices Perk: Bonus Bucks

When you work with us, you can also enjoy one of our best perks: Bonus Bucks! This program allows you to save hundreds of dollars in your break room. How does it work? It’s an all-inclusive HR solution in which we connect you with our partner companies. When you work with them, we pass the savings back to your employees in the break room. There’s no cost to your business. It’s a win-win solution!

Bonus bucks are an amazing perk. You can use them towards vending services like micro-markets in Phoenix or Salt Lake City. This rewards program not only encourages employees to utilize the micro-market but also adds an element of excitement and value to their break time.

Are you ready to get started? We can build a micro-market with a week’s turnaround! Let’s make it happen. We can also work within your space. We offer mini micro-markets for small break rooms and designs for larger spaces. Check out our gallery of past work to see what’s possible. We can’t wait to build your micro-market.

Call our Utah branch at 801-683-8783 or our Arizona branch at 480-690-6000 to get started! Alternatively, email us at, or contact us here today!

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