Water filtration service yields
better tasting water

Best water filtration service provider in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah and Phoenix Metro Area

Water filtration is an environmentally friendly and healthy option for your workplace. We offer a number of models that all filter out the impurities in your water to produce delicious, fresh tasting water everyone will love.

Water filtration services in Salt Lake City and Northern Utah
Salt Lake City and Northern Utah water services

Better tasting water needs
Firewall UV Purification

Bottle free solutions

Eliminate the transportation and storage hassle of large 5-gallon water bottles with a plumbed in water cooler.

Countertop models

All the features of a larger water cooler model, but in a compact and stylish unit that still delivers delicious filtered water.

Floor standing models

Save counter space with a traditional looking water cooler in your breakroom, complete with hot and cold taps.

Everything in one

Water filtration service is just one of the many options Breakroom Choices offers to Salt Lake City, Northern Utah or Phoenix Metro Area businesses.

Hot & cold

The perfect water-based beverage needs the perfect temperature, so our filtration units offer users a choice.

Great tasting water

Nothing beats the fresh taste of water filtered to eliminate flavor and odor affecting impurities.

Time to revive the water cooler culture in your breakroom with water filtration service from Breakroom Choices at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239) and info@breakroomchoices.com.