Increase employee satisfaction with an office pantry service in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix

Nearly 90% of North American workers surveyed felt that lunch breaks helped them feel refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Everyone loves free items! About 67% of people who get free meals at work report being very satisfied with their jobs.

Nearly half of job seekers will weigh company perks, including availability of snacks, in their decision for a new job.

Save Money and Recruit the Best Candidates

Pantry service in Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Refresh your Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix break rooms with an office pantry service

The ultimate luxury experience for employees

Employees get all items completely for free

Your company fully subsidizes the refreshment costs

Open-concept market with hundreds of superior products

Benefits that will bolster your business

Employee retention icon

Employee Retention

Retain employees by offering
them an office pantry service.

Talent Acquisition icon

Talent Acquisition

Stand out from other employers and
offer employees this amazing perk.

Workplace Culture icon

Workplace Culture

Boost office morale and increase
employee satisfaction.

Cost Effective icon

Cost Effective

Save money in the long run
with decreased healthcare costs.

Healthy Selectionsn icon

Healthy Selections

Enjoy superior product choices with a
variety of healthy options available.

Increase Productivity icon

Increase Productivity

Provide employees a space to
socialize and refresh.


A Better Office Pantry Solution in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix

Enjoy superior product choices, better service, and customer experience with Breakroom Choices.