Micro-market service in Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Custom Floorplans

With our superior service, you can customize your micro-market to meet your exact needs. Our team will create a completely tailored floorplan to fit
your space.

Phoenix and Salt Lake City self-serve micro-markets

Personalized Choices

Fill your micro-market with the perfect combination of healthy options. Keep employees happy with the freshest foods and snacks.

Phoenix and Salt Lake City micro-markets service

Customer Experience

Pay, scan, and go with any modern payment option using our self-checkout kiosks. With 24/7 monitoring, secure shopping is easy.

Customize every aspect of your micro-market

Better Choices, Better Service.

At Breakroom Choices, we continue to dominate Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix with truly personalized options. In addition, we partner with local delis to ensure you receive the freshest selection of grab and go products. Don’t see what you like? Ask us! It’s really that easy.

Easy Payments

Everyone has their phone on them these days. Mobile payments — along with credit or debit cards — makes checkouts ridiculously easy.

Smart Inventory

Never have empty shelves again. With smart technology, we can monitor everything remotely and in-person, so we know everything from restocking to best sellers.

Open 24/7

Whether it’s noon or midnight, micro-markets offer fresh and unique fresh food, beverages, and snacks for workday productivity.

Advanced Security

All micro-markets are installed with cameras to ensure 24/7 surveillance for a safe, secure shopping experience.

Make the Best Choice

Spoil your employees with a custom micro-market from Breakroom Choices.