Salt Lake City and Northern Utah micro-markets

Innovative design

Each micro-market layout is carefully designed to keep a free-flowing floor plan while still allowing room for hundreds of refreshments.

Self-serve kiosk in Salt Lake City and Northern Utah

Secure touchscreen kiosk

Employees shopping the micro-market can use various payment options at the easy to use self-checkout kiosk, including credit cards.

Micro-markets in Salt Lake City and Northern Utah

Personalized choices

Our micro-market solution is tailored to your location and employee preferences for the perfect blend of traditional and healthy options.

Add delicious, ready-to-serve meals to your custom micro-market today! Your Salt Lake City, Northern Utah and Phoenix Metro Area employees will love the freshness and convenience of these grab + go meals.

Today: Vending. Tomorrow: Nano-Market

Small footprint. Big transformation.

Cash & cashless accepting

Employees can choose just how they want to make a purchase from cash to credit and debit cards, or even mobile wallets.

Smart inventory system

Micro-markets are online 24/7, constantly updating us on sales and status so we always know when it’s time to restock.

Woman in a and Salt Lake City and northern Utah micro-market
At-work shopping experience

Nothing boosts productivity or elevates corporate morale more than delicious refreshment options on-site.

Safety & security for all

Cameras record the micro-market around the clock ensuring everyone’s safety and each kiosk is secured with no external ports.

Woman in a and Salt Lake City and northern Utah micro-market
Deliver a refreshment oasis to your employees with a micro-market from Breakroom Choices at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239) and