Quality vending machines for companies in the Salt Lake City,
Northern Utah and Phoenix Metro Area

Vending machines in Salt Lake City and Northern Utah

Smarter vending

Wireless technology allows our vending machines to report sales and the need for restocking automatically.

Salt Lake City and Northern Utah vending machines

Positive experience

Regularly rotated products along with reliable vending machines deliver the satisfaction customers want.

Vending machine payment options in Salt Lake City and Northern Utah

Pay with a phone

Try out your mobile wallet or payment app at one of our vending machines — it’s safe and secure.

Popular vending machine products in Salt Lake City and Northern Utah

Well-known brands

Great prices on your favorite snacks, drink, and food from the nationally known brand names.

From vending machines to office coffee, we bring it all together into one simple package.

Enable employees to stay fresh and energized with grab and go products from state-of-the-art vending machines. There is something for everyone thanks to our extensive line of products, including fresh food, beverages, and indulgent treats.

Vending machines for Salt Lake City and Northern Utah offices


At Breakroom Choices we want to help you create the breakroom of your dreams, by providing a one-of-a-kind vending experience to your employees!

From customized snack, beverage & food vending machines to office coffee service and water filtration systems, we have what you need!

Bringing the perfect lunch companion to your Salt Lake City,
Northern Utah & Phoenix Metro Area Employees!

Stay satisfied throughout your work day with Breakroom Choices! We offer a variety of healthy alternatives,
hot meals, snacks and beverages from your favorite name brands and local providers!

More of the vending machine options you want.

We carry a huge selection of brand name and new, must-have products to offer just the right vending machine program for your business.


Opt for the great selection of healthy items including high protein, low sugar, fat-free, all natural, and more.

Plenty of drinks

We carry all the must-have beverages from national brands to local favorites and rotate in new options.

Delicious treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth with candy, cookies, or pastries from our vast selection of today’s best variety.

Freshly made

Food created locally with quality ingredients and delivered to your location for fast, nutritious meals.

Meet the refreshment needs of your customers and staff with better vending machines from Breakroom Choices at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239) and info@breakroomchoices.com.