Increase guest satisfaction with the leading hotel pantry experts in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix

Increase guest satisfaction with
the leading hotel pantry experts
in Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Benefits of having a hotel pantry service

Grab and Go

Safe and Secure

Increase Guest

Zero Install

Superior Inventory

Simple Order and
Delivery Services

Choose from Self-Pay or Drop Off services It’s Your Choice!

Impress your guests with Self-Pay Convenience Markets in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix

Upgrade your space and satisify your guests with delicious fresh foods, snacks, and beverages 24/7

We custom design your floorplan with 3D rendering, monitor your inventory, and resupply your pantry to ensure you’re always stocked

Self-checkout kiosks are easy to use and offer a safe, simple, and secure transaction

Your hotel will receive commission off of all sales

Keep your items organized with our Drop Off service

Your hotel will be able to stock, order, and ring-up items how they choose

Use our online portal to place orders at anytime

Items will be delivered within 1-2 business days

Your hotel will be invoiced for the items delivered

Our results speak for themselves





Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most asked questions about Hotel Pantry Services

How often is it stocked?

Product movement is monitored via sales and periodic physical inventory checks. Each product is set with a re-order point and all service schedules are set based on product movement.

Will the hotel/GM have access to sales reports?

Yes. Our live data portal can be provided to hotel employees authorized by hotel management.

How do you manage specific products that are required by the brand?

Our market inventory selections are managed via planograms. Our planograms will consider brand standards, as well as other factors, such as best-selling products, local items, and unique items directed by the hotel and your specific guest demographics.

Do you offer any discounts for employees?

Yes, if you want! Based on hotel approval, we can add email addresses of all hotel staff to our system. Once employee purchases through the mobile app, all products will be discounted.

Can I sell toiletries?

Yes, you can!

Can I sell medicine?

Yes, you can!

Can I sell wine or beer?

Yes, through our system at the front desk, where you will need a staff member to verify age.

Will there be an agreement in place?

Yes. The terms of agreement will be based on your hotel’s requirements and the required capital investment.

Incorporate a hotel pantry in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix. Make the smart choice today with Breakroom Choices.