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Transform your Salt Lake City & Phoenix Metro hotel lobby with a beautifully designed hotel pantry market for your guests & employees.




Secure & Efficient

No Cost Install &
No Ongoing Labor








Employees can scan products using the self-checkout terminal with their favorite debit or credit card!


Easily scan and purchase products straight from the app using your debit or credit card!


Your front desk staff will process your guest’s purchases on the Front
Desk Terminal.

Transform Your Salt Lake City & Phoenix Metro Area Space

Your one stop solution for all of your hotel pantry needs

Order online & purchase by the unit

Select from a large variety of your favorite products

Place your order by noon & receive it the next day

Delivery straight to your door

Save time & money

Learn how your Salt Lake City & Phoenix Metro Area
business can benefit today

By partnering with Breakroom Choices, your traditional hotel pantry will be anything but boring.

Office Pantry Services In Salt Lake City & Northern Utah

With Breakroom Choices you have your own online portal to order all your hotel pantry items. Tired of ordering case or box quantities from your local wholesalers? You can order the flavors you want and the quantities you want. This eliminates overstock and reduces spoilages.

Hotel Pantry Services In Salt Lake City & Northern Utah

No kiosk will be provided with our alternative hotel pantry model. We will work alongside you so that you are able to place orders, track sales and record invoices independently with your own portal.

Vending Services In Salt Lake City & Northern Utah

With Breakroom Choices online portal everything you need is available in one delivery. At Breakroom Choices we will take care of creating a beautiful display for your Salt Lake City and Northern Utah hotel guests!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most asked questions about Shop 24 Hotel Pantry Service

What costs are involved with the GrabScanGo lobby market setup?
The customer-only direct costs are suitable electrical connections, and an open Internet connection for the self-checkout terminal. Electrical requirements will be provided by the local
Service Partner.

What labor is required from the hotel?
No labor is required from hotel staff. Products are sold, tracked, and replenished by GrabScanGo and our Service Partner.

Can my hotel sell beer and wine?
Yes. The hotel is required to furnish the selling license for beer and wine. Our mobile app and self-checkout will direct the guest to the Front Desk for Age Verification. Our Service Partners will manage the inventory movement of the products.

How long does initial market installation take?
After the pre-installation requirements are completed, the initial market installation will take 2 days. The first day will be for setup of fixtures and equipment. The second day will be for stocking products and installing the checkout terminals.

How does my hotel process cash or
room charges?

To process other payment methods outside of credit or debit cards, the hotel will require a GrabScanGo Front Desk Terminal. The Front Desk terminal will enable purchases using cash or room charge. The hotel employee will also need to enter the transaction into the hotel POS to register a cash or room charge and collect payment
from guests.

Who orders the products and stocks the shelves with new product?
All products are stocked and managed by the local GrabScanGo Service Partner. The GrabScanGo system has set trigger points for low inventory, which alerts our Service Partner to restock
the market.

How often do the Service Partners come to stock the market?
All product movement is monitored via sales data and periodic physical inventory checks. Each product is set with a re-order point and all service schedules are set based on product movement.

Do you offer any discounts for hotel staff?
Yes, based on hotel management approval, we add email addresses of all hotel staff to our system. Then when the employee purchases via the GrabScanGo mobile app, all products will
be discounted.

Will there be an agreement in place?
Yes. The terms of the agreement will be based on the your hotel’s requirements and the required capital investment.

Will the hotel/GM have access to sales reports?
Yes, access to our live data portal can be provided to hotel employees authorized by hotel management. The portal will display all transaction data for the market. In addition we will send monthly revenue share reports.

How do you manage specific products that are required by the brand?
Our market inventory selections are managed via planograms. Our planograms will consider brand standards as well as other factors – best selling items, local items and unique items directed by the hotel for their specific guest demographics.

Adding a Shop 24 Hotel Pantry or a traditional hotel pantry delivery service has never been easier with Breakroom Choices. Call today at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239).