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By partnering with Breakroom Choices, your traditional hotel pantry will be anything but boring.

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With Breakroom Choices you have your own online portal to order all your hotel pantry items. Tired of ordering case or box quantities from your local wholesalers? You can order the flavors you want and the quantities you want. This eliminates overstock and reduces spoilages.

Hotel Pantry Services In Salt Lake City & Northern Utah

No kiosk will be provided with our alternative hotel pantry model. We will work alongside you so that you are able to place orders, track sales and record invoices independently with your own portal.

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With Breakroom Choices online portal everything you need is available in one delivery. At Breakroom Choices we will take care of creating a beautiful display for your Salt Lake City and Northern Utah hotel guests!

At Shop 24 we do all the work.
You receive immediate commission on the items sold.

With Shop 24 hotel pantry service, we handle everything from ordering, inventory, stocking, and merchandising! You ring up your guests items using your POS software. We inventory your pantry every week using our inventory software. The inventory software its not connected to your POS system to help protect your network! Orders are created immediately after our inventory and delivered in 1-2 business days. Each month you will receive an invoice based on what we adjust in our inventory, as well as a sale summary report. Your hotel captures immediate commission once the item is sold. You set your own pricing on top of our base market pricing. You are invoiced at the base market price for all items adjusted in our inventory software at the end of the month.


Streamlined Stocking

Never worry about having overstock again! At BreakRoom Choices we handle your inventory so that you don’t have too. We inventory each shop 24 hotel pantry weekly. Once the inventory is complete a order is automatically generated. The pantry order will be delivered and stocked in 1-2 business days. This saves you and your employees money and time.

Painless Management, Maximum Commission

Rest assured that your Shop 24 hotel pantry service will be handled with care! At BreakRoom Choices we are committed to excellence and will ensure that your pantry service is always stocked and running smoothly for maximum commission!

No Inventory. No Spoilages.

With shop 24 we do all the work to give you the perfect hotel pantry. We cover all the costs associated with inventory and spoilage. We are able to eliminate the high hotel labor costs and last-minute store runs that are usually associated with your hotel pantry service.

Custom Review

We run an in depth consultation to assess your customers needs and usage so that we can make price and product recommendations that align with your hotel brand standards!

No Long Term Contracts

We will never require you to sign a long-term lease or contract with our Shop 24 hotel pantry service. We are committed to providing flexibility!

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Self-Service Kiosk Model

With our self-service model, hotel personnel will never have to worry about manning the checkout when guests choose to buy! Every month we will send you commission checks for the items
that <>are sold.

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Inventory Based Model

If your hotel brand standards do not allow you to have a self checkout kiosk model, please refer to this model. You will check out your guests using your POS software and we will do a weekly inventory at your hotel pantry. The order is automatically generated and delivered in 1-2 business days. You will collect your commission immediately at the time of sell. We will invoice you at our base market price for the items sold through your POS. This is done through our software once a month. Any items adjusted in our inventory system will be invoiced to the hotel.

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No Cost For Inventory

Your Salt Lake City, Northern Utah and Phoenix Metro Area hotel branches will not be charged for any inventory. We stock and maintain your
Shop 24 pantry.

Take a look at our Shop 24 hotel pantry service below

Hotel Pantry Service In Salt Lake City and Northern Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most asked questions about Shop 24 Hotel Pantry Service

Q. What does this cost me as the hotel manager?

A. There is no cost for any of our hotel pantry services. For Shop 24 Pantry Service our services include installation, inventory, merchandising, stocking, and a self-pay kiosk with software support. No fees, leases, or contracts are required by the hotel property.

Q. What do we as the hotel need to provide?

A. All a Hotel Pantry needs is a space a long a wall that has power outlets.

Q. How long will it take to get started?

A. Most Hotel Pantry will be up and running in 1 to 2 weeks.

Q. What if we do not have enough space?

A. Hotel pantry markets are customizable with different layouts to fit most spaces.

Q. Can I choose what will be stocked?

A. We can carry any items that you are required to be stocked.

Q. How does our Shop 24 Hotel pantry get stocked?

A. Our Shop 24 Pantry service uses our market service infrastructure to reorder items in your market automatically. After our representative finishes your weekly inventory, an order will automatically be generated and stocked in 1-2 business days. Based on sells we will be there as often as needed.

Q. How do guests pay at a Shop 24 pantry?

A. For self-serve kiosk model. The secure easy to use kiosk offers two payment choices: Guest can use credit/debit cards or mobile pay options such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

A. For inventory based model. The hotel staff will ring up your guest using your POS software. This model stays in compliance of most hotel brand standards.

Q. Can Guest charge to room on a Shop 24 Pantry?

A. Yes, through the inventory based model your guests can use your POS model to charge to the room. This is not available through our self-service kiosks model.

Q. What percentage can the hotel expect from a shop 24 pantry?

A. Hotels can expect 30, 35 or 40% commission check depending on your hotel needs. We will provide the pricing that will be needed to reach
that percentage.

Q. Do you offer standard hotel pantry delivery services?

A. Yes. If Shop 24 is not for you, we do offer standard hotel delivery services. We will setup your own order portal through parlevel. You can log in and place your orders. We will invoice you through QuickBooks. Orders are delivered in 1 to 2 business days and delivery is free on orders over $300.

Adding a Shop 24 Hotel Pantry or a traditional hotel pantry delivery service has never been easier with Breakroom Choices. Call today at 801-698-7763.