Three Crucial Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Experience in Phoenix

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Three Crucial Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Experience in Phoenix

Each guest at your Phoenix hotel brings unique needs and preferences. So, how can you provide a stellar guest experience? It all starts with focusing on the guest. It sounds simple, but in the whirlwind of keeping everything running smoothly, it can feel overwhelming. One overlooked, yet incredibly useful tool to focus on your guests is a hotel pantry. Similar to a micro-market, it’s the answer to many of your guests’ needs. Plus, it can greatly improve the guest experience. How? Here are three ways to help your hotel earn more five-star reviews with an improved guest experience:

1. Meet Guests’ Needs Onsite with a Hotel Pantry

Imagine your guests walking into the lobby after a long day in the Arizona sun. They’re tired, hot, and ready for a refreshing beverage. The last thing they want to do is leave the hotel again to quench their thirst. That’s where your Phoenix hotel pantry comes in. It has just what they need! Glass-front coolers are filled with a wide range of beverages from which to choose.

When stocking your hotel pantry, keep all age groups in mind. Milk for babies? Snacks for the toddler? Healthy options for late check-ins or early check-outs? No problem. You can even add beer and wine to the micro-market. That way your guests can unwind after a day of sightseeing or meetings.

The best part? Guests don’t have to Google nearby stores or even leave the building. Plus, we can create a mini micro-market for your hotel to fit nearly any space. That convenience will make your guests’ stay more pleasant.

2. Exceed Guests’ Expectations

Phoenix Hotel Guest | Vending Pantry | Better StayDid you know? A Hotel Business Magazine article based on a study showed that 34% of Americans expect to find a variety of food and drinks at their hotel. Hotel guests also appreciate loyalty rewards programs. For example, you can include a freebie or a complimentary snack or beverage in your guests’ rooms. This can give them just a small taste of what’s available in your Phoenix hotel pantry. Plus, your hotel pantry itself can be a great attraction that helps build loyalty. Loyalty often turns into return visits and more profits, improving your return on investment.

3. Spice it up with Local Food and Beverages

Add some flair to your hotel pantry with local food and beverages. This will truly set your hotel apart. The same Hotel Business Magazine study showed that Americans consider booking with the same brand again when traveling if a hotel in their area has unique and diverse food and beverage options. We can help you stand out to win those repeat customers!

At Breakroom Choices, we love to offer local brands. For instance, Cactus Corn flies off the shelves wherever it is added. This brand brings unique Phoenix flavors such as prickly pear and white cheddar jalapeño. Yet, that’s just one brand Breakroom Choices offers. Let us know what you have in mind. We are happy to customize your hotel pantry options.

Your Phoenix Hotel Pantry Partner

We’re here to help you with your Phoenix hotel pantry needs. You can increase guest satisfaction with zero install costs! Plus, we use modern technology so that guests can pay with cashless payments. It’s a perfect addition to your hotel.

Are you ready to design or improve your hotel pantry? Contact Breakroom Choices at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239) or to get started. We offer a range of services including our hotel pantry service, office coffee products, micro-markets, and more! We look forward to working with you.

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