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What is a Residential Market?

Residential Markets – in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix – are the ultimate onsite convenience store. Residents can browse hundreds of items, such as grab-and-go snacks, fresh foods, and a variety of beverages. It’s open and monitored with security cameras 24/7, ensuring a safe, easy, and convenient transaction. Uncover why apartment complex managers are loving this latest innovation.

Improve your apartment community, retain current residents,
entice new ones, and enjoy the benefits


Provide residents the option of a 24/7 residential market that never runs out of your favorite items. Our superior service paired with our self-monitoring inventory system ensures your items will always be in stock.

Customized choices

Choose from hundreds of items ranging from fresh foods, healthy snacks, and delicious beverages. Give Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix residents the items they want and help retain and attract new residents.

Zero cost

Create an enhanced experience with a residential market at zero cost to the property owner. All items are purchased by residents allowing that unused space to become an amenity and benefit to your residents.

Attract and retain residents within your complex

58% of young renters believe management should provide convenient services, including fresh food, snacks, beverages, and household essentials.

Millennials say they're willing to pay up to $45 more per month for convenience amenities, such as a residential market within an apartment complex.

63% of apartment residents report looking for ways to save time due to their hectic lives. The simple solution? Providing a convenient amenity onsite.

Utah & Phoenix Metro Area residential markets

A Residential Favorite,
the Flavia C600

Brew a variety of coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, or hot chocolate of all sizes in under a minute.

Smart technology automatically sends data alerts so your brewer is always in prime condition

Provides cafe quality coffee to Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix residents

A simple, hygienic way to enjoy cafe-style drinks during the workday

Join the success of other property management companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most asked questions about Residential Markets

What does this cost me as the property manager?

There is no cost for a Residential Market to be put at your complex. Installation and restocking are covered by us with no payment due or fees charged to housing management.

What do we need to provide?

A secure space for the Residential Market, along with power and Ethernet connection. From there, we take care of the rest!

How long will it take to install?

Most Residential Markets will be up and running within three weeks of placing the order with us.

What if we don’t have a large enough space?

Residential Markets are customizable with different layouts to fit nearly any space, large or small.

Can I choose what will be stocked?

Choose from over 1,000 items in order to customize the Residential Market at your multi-family complex.

How does the market get restocked?

We use our breakroom service infrastructure to replenish items in the Residential Market and deliver fresh food choices regularly.

Do you offer specialty items?

All Resident Markets have a selection of different items, including healthy selections, fresh sandwiches, snacks, beverages and kosher items.

How do residents pay at the Residential Market?

The secure, easy-to-use kiosk offers two payment choices. Residents can use either cash or debit/credit card to make purchases. Residents can also set up a profile at the kiosk which saves their preferred method.

Why should I choose your Residential Markets?

We have more than 30 years worth of insights in how to provide refreshment to locations in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah and Phoenix Metro Area. We offer an impressive assortment of snacks, meals, fresh food, drinks, and more as well as the modern market design that will make the Residential Market stand out in your multi-family residential building.

What happens if there is theft?

Security cameras are installed in the Residential Market to deter theft. However, we understand that some theft may still occur. We factor a 3% loss into the cost of the products to recoup any loss from theft.

Where should I put a Residential Market?

Residential Markets need to be placed in a secure, high-traffic area. For example, we recommend areas next to other amenity spaces, elevators, or parking garages.

How many units does my property need to have to qualify for this service?

A minimum of 150 units is required.

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