Indulge in a micro-market solution

Enjoy a full complement of refreshments, including food, snacks, and drinks, inside your Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix Metro Area workspace.

Create a unique shopping experience in your breakroom with a micro-market. It is a well-designed display of today’s most popular products, including food items in coolers, snacks and treats in shelves, healthy items, and cold drinks. We will even customize your micro-market to make it a unique refreshment solution just for your company. Pay for a portion, or all of the micro-market offerings to create a much valued employee benefit. You can even reward achievements using the micro-market by adding money to employee accounts or offering coupons.

Micro-market benefits in Salt Lake City or Northern Utah
Salt Lake City or Northern Utah office micro-market benefits
Salt Lake City and Northern Utah self checkout micro-markets

Flex your mobile muscle

Breakroom Choices offers a flexible micro-market solution where users can pay via the kiosk, or instead use a mobile app. It’s secure, user-friendly, and makes checkout fast and convenient.

Designing a top of the line micro-market

for your employees in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix has never been easier! At Break Room Choices, we provide a variety of food options for your workplace.

Enrich your corporate culture in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, and Phoenix

Revitalize your workplace break area with a well-stocked micro-market run by a company dedicated to great service.

Bring in healthy

Make eating healthier an easy choice with nutritious and alternative diet products available right in your breakroom.

Save time

Win with grab and go food options onsite, as well as fewer service issues than traditional vending.

Boost culture

The more sophisticated look and additional products in a micro-market transform the breakroom.

Automated inventory

Both the mobile app and kiosk report to our headquarters, so we always know what is selling at your location.

Popular selections

Enjoy a larger variety of product options with a micro-markets’ open shelves and glass cooler setup.

Better look

Attractive fixtures and quality products are the basics of all our micro-market solutions in Salt Lake City, Northern Utah and Phoenix Metro Area.

Self-serve payments

Choose from our flexible range of micro-market payment systems — self-checkout kiosk to mobile app.

Sponsor items

Micro-markets offer a way employers can subsidize part or all products to reduce costs or reward their staffs.

Do more, do better

Eliminate the time wasted by employees searching for food and drinks off-site, creating better work/life balance.

Drive up productivity and retention with a micro-market in your Salt Lake City, Northern Utah and Phoenix Metro Area breakroom. Contact Breakroom Choices at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239) or