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You could be. By not joining our Bonus Bucks program, you’re leaving money on the table. With nearly 10 decades of combined experience in our leadership team, we have relationships with nearly every service provider HR uses. Anytime you deploy one of our partners, Recruiting Choices, Breaktime U, or Breakroom Choices, we pass on discounts in our breakroom to your employees. Start earning bonu$ buck$ immediately by recruiting the right people, training them, and retaining them. These rewards can build up quickly and can be anywhere from $500, $1000, or even more! Ask us how to earn $500 or more in bonu$ buck$ for your employees in your break room every month!

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Three All-Inclusive HR Solutions for Rewarding Employees


Save time and money long-term by practicing the best ways to recruit employees. Hire the perfect employees the first time with Recruiting Choices, the ultimate employment recruiter.


Provide superior training for employees from world-class experts and best-selling authors. Sharpen your employee training, skills, and knowledge and build a stronger, more engaged workforce.


Focus on attracting and retaining talented employees and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Reward your Salt Lake City, Northern Utah, or Phoenix employees by earning bonus bucks that can be used in our markets.

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