The 5 Horrors of Terrible Vending Service in Salt Lake City and Phoenix

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The 5 Horrors of Terrible Vending Service in Salt Lake City and Phoenix

It’s the season for spooks and specters. For all things scary, which can include terrible vending service. Luckily, Breakroom Choices is here to “creep it real” in Salt Lake City and Phoenix. Here are five break room horrors you wouldn’t catch us dead doing!

1. Leaving A Broken Vending Machine for Weeks

Does your staff warn the new employee away from using the vending in Phoenix and Salt Lake City break rooms? “Don’t even bother trying to use that machine. It will eat your money” are words that send shivers down our spines!

But there is another way! With Breakroom Choices Vending Service, machines never stay broken. We remotely monitor our Salt Lake City and Phoenix vending machines. Plus, we check on them in person, often!

2. 1-800 Customer Service Number That Doesn’t Work

A customer service number that goes nowhere is truly spooky. You call and hear the infamous dial tone! Or maybe you leave a voicemail, but nothing actually happens. No resolution occurs.

If you call or text Breakroom Choices, we respond ASAP. Plus, with our ZippyAssist partnership, it’s easier than ever to reach us. Stickers on EVERY Phoenix drink vending machine and Salt Lake City snack vending machine tell you how to text us your issue or request. We even put them in our micro-markets. Get in touch with us and we WILL resolve your issue!

3. Food Vending Machines or Micro-Markets Rumored to Have Moldy Food

Do you shudder when you think of food in the Salt Lake City or Phoenix break room? Is the food so often disgusting that everybody cringes even looking at it? If so, it can be an insult to employees. After all, the break room reflects how an employer feels about their staff. If the break room is deserted, it’s likely for a good reason.

We make sure it never gets to this point! Our Salt Lake City and Phoenix Micro-Markets are well-designed so people enjoy your break room. Plus, we ensure all food is fresh, whether it’s a micro-market or food vending machine. If for some reason it’s not, we take care of it. Our team is very attentive and in tune with our clients.

4. Products Nobody Wants in the Vending Service

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Is your good-looking break room a ghost town? Are you an employer wondering why no one is using this awesome perk? It could be the refreshments for sale – more trick than treat.

Breakroom Choices watches and reports on what is selling in our Salt Lake City and Phoenix vending machines and micro-markets. We offer thousands of products, which means it’s easy to find what your staff wants. From beverage vending machine classics like Red Bull, Coke, etc. as well as unique products. That includes items perfect for healthy vending machines or micro-markets, such as Cactus Corn, Dave’s Killer Bread, 1st Phorm Bars, and much more!

5. Unsettling Break Room Vibe

Does something just feel off about your break room? You can’t quite put your finger on why you or other employees don’t really use it, but you just don’t. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Breakroom Choices figures out how to exceed expectations. Even if your staff has had a micro-market before, they haven’t had a Breakroom Choices micro-market. We use feedback, reports, and even simple monitoring through security cameras to make the service better. The same is true for one of our Phoenix or Salt Lake City vending machines. We study and take action to ensure when your staff sees the break room solution, it’s love at first fright.

Breakroom Choices Offers the Best Vending Service

Why will your break room be better with Breakroom Choices? Firstly, we have 25 years of unwavering dedication to serving our Salt Lake City and Phoenix clients. Reliable, top-tier service is a must. We use the latest technology in office break rooms, which offers an unmatched customer experience. Finally, we are dedicated to product choices! We want everyone to have something that thrills them to the bone.

Free Your Break Room From Vending Service Terrors

In closing, with Breakroom Choices, your workplace will be an eerie-sistible haven. Service will be fast and reliable, with issues fixed. The products will be fresh and meet the needs of your team. Your vending in Salt Lake City and Phoenix will be free from terrors and be all thrills.

Contact Breakroom Choices today at 480-690-6000 in Arizona or 801-683-8783 in Utah.

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