Why Your Salt Lake City or Phoenix Office Break Room Needs to be a Learning and Training Hub

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Why Your Salt Lake City or Phoenix Office Break Room Needs to be a Learning and Training Hub

Some companies think a few vending machines in their office break room is enough to keep employees satisfied. The reality is a bit more complex. In competitive markets such as Salt Lake City and Phoenix, the office break room needs to do and offer more than great snacks. It needs to offer value to staff in terms of training and self-improvement. That will help with company morale and retaining employees.

How can you do this? Keep reading for tips on making the break room a hub of learning and a hiring tool.

Offer Training in the Office Break Room

The workforce is changing. A 2022 Forbes study reports that 55% of employees say they need more training to do their jobs. And they want to be trained. They seek it out and appreciate companies who offer it. In fact, 76% of employees said they are more likely to stay with a company that provides ongoing training.

Breaktime Choices is ready to help you meet this demand. Our partner, Breaktime University offers an online library of bite-sized training content created by experts. You’ll find everything from 7-minute videos to multi-chapter online modules. Yet, all of it is designed to fit well into a lunch or coffee break.

Fuel Employee Satisfaction With a Micro-Market or Office Pantry

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To really make the break room a training hub, you need to offer snacks, drinks, and food. That way staff are drawn in and nourished. One of our Salt Lake City and Phoenix micro-markets is a great way to offer fresh food and beverages onsite. We offer popular brands like Lavazza found in most vending services and also local products, such as Cactus Corn in Phoenix. Your team will love it!

It’s highly effective to use the micro-market to reward training. When staff pass a lesson, maybe they earn money to use on products. The more training, the more free micro-market items they can get. And everyone loves free!

Speaking of free, many companies choose to pay for all the snacks, food, and drinks in the break room. That boosts the value to employees. We call this office pantry service and it’s a great reward for staff and can make them happy to train during breaks.

Use Office Break Room Services for Recruiting

To have a great team, you need to recruit great talent. Hire Breakroom Choices to do just that! It can actually save you money. You don’t pay anything until you hire one of our candidates.

Plus, because we want to be a long-term partner to you, we continue working with the employee once onboarded. This lets them get the training they want and also earn rewards to use in Salt Lake City vending machines or at Phoenix micro-markets.

Try Bonus Bucks

Don’t miss out on this unique program. Anytime you use one of our partners, Recruiting Choices, Breaktime U, or Breakroom Choices, you earn bonus bucks. That’s right. Earn more toward services by recruiting the right people, training them, and retaining them with top-tier break rooms. The rewards add up quickly, meaning deep discounts and free products! Ask us how others are LOVING our Bonus Bucks Program in the Phoenix and Salt Lake City areas!

Transform Your Office Break Room in Salt Lake City and Phoenix

Training is important to today’s workforce. It’s a key way for a business to stand out and get top talent. And it pairs perfectly with the break room! Give employees the quick training sessions they want, rewarding them with free food and drinks. Everyone wins.

Contact Breakroom Choices to learn about all the refreshment services we offer, from vending to corporate wellness-boosting micro-markets. Reach us at 480-690-6000 in Arizona or 801-683-8783 in Utah.

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