How a Micro-Market can Increase Employee Happiness in Phoenix

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How a Micro-Market can Increase Employee Happiness in Phoenix

Our company, Breakroom Choices, knows a thing or two about micro-market service. With 25 years of experience in the refreshment business, we understand caring for employees can be tough. Culture starts with more than the rare company lunch or get together. That’s where well-stocked micro-markets and pantry services come in.

Ramp up your Phoenix employee’s lunch breaks by removing the need to leave your building. A micro-market can boost the value of your breakroom, raise employee spirit, and increase productivity. With more time to enjoy lunch with a micro-market, employees won’t have to rush through lunch. They’ll savor their meals and snacks more, too.

Save Time, Spend Less

Saving time and money is a way to give your Phoenix employees a pay raise. Rather than travel to cafes, restaurants, or fast food, a simple walk to your Phoenix breakroom means less stress – and less cash spent. Offering discounted or free healthy food, snacks, and drinks reduces the money they’ll need to spend on food and beverages even more, which you can offer through a subsidized or hybrid market.

Don’t Skimp on Wellness

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A recent Quantum Workplace report said about 54% of employees with lunch breaks of 30 minutes or less reported low or poor physical wellness. Of those, about half reported low or poor emotional wellness, too. Many of the employees surveyed eat meals and snacks at their workstations, while some don’t take any breaks at all.

Build Corporate Wellness with a Micro-Market

Offering easy access to healthy food and beverages means your employees won’t spend their time hunting for refreshments (or worse by choosing unhealthy items). A pleasant breakroom gives them time away from their desks and is proven to make employees more productive. You’ll be supporting their health and wellness by offering a Phoenix micro-market in your building, or on your company campus.

Encourage your employees to enjoy healthy eating options and stay hydrated throughout the workday. Happy, healthy employees are beneficial. They take less sick days, which lowers your employee health and medical insurance costs, too. We can even train employees with Breaktime University in under 5 minutes.

Customize with Coffee

An office coffee or water service is a great partner for your Phoenix micro-market. From traditional service to single cup coffee machines, we have many choices. For better coffee and tea, try fresh tasting filtered water. Plus, you can hydrate employees, which is a welcome office perk.

Interested in a Micro-Market? Call Us!

Health, hydration, and fresh food is necessary for a happy company culture. Create a better place to work with a breakroom that has more choices, better service, and advanced technology. Call us at 866-246-4239 or email us at for options in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and beyond.

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