3 Warning Signs Your Micro-Market in Tempe is Failing

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3 Warning Signs Your Micro-Market in Tempe is Failing

Wondering if the residential micro-market you got installed in the break room is living up to the hype? If it’s not, you might have to look at your Tempe vending service company. It takes know-how to alter a micro-market for a mixed-use property where there will be residents and employees using it. Even just a regular micro-market can be a challenge for a Tempe vending company. But there are often quick fixes to boost service. Breakroom Choices has more than 25 years of knowledge. We find products, boost service, and use the latest technology to ensure your break room service, whether it’s vending machines or micro-markets, is first class.

So what should you look for in your micro-market, to see if it’s working? Read on for our 3 top micro-market problems. Plus, what Breakroom Choices uses to beat them.

1. People Don’t Use the Micro-Market

Problem: If residents and employees are NOT going into the micro-market, it’s not working. It’s supposed to be drawing people into your Tempe break room, offering them what they need and want at all hours of the day and night.

Reason: So, why is your micro-market standing empty? There are two likely reasons. The first is that the product offerings don’t match the needs of your residents and/or employees. The second reason is the payment system. Old vending machines, for example, don’t allow the use of credit cards or mobile wallets. A market is supposed to take all forms of payment as well.

Our Solution: Breakroom Choices ensures this never becomes a problem for your Tempe business. We track items for you, so we know what’s selling and what isn’t. That lets us keep products tailored to your break room users. In addition, we have modern payment options for micro-markets and vending machines. This makes it a good experience for everyone.

2. There are Complaints the Micro-Market Shelves are Empty

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Problem: If there aren’t products in the micro-market, employees and residents can’t buy anything, even if they want to.

Reason: Empty shelves or slots are likely because your Tempe vending service provider is not tracking inventory well. Or, they may not be visiting your break room often enough to restock what’s been sold.

Our Solution: Remote monitoring and in-person visits. Breakroom Choices uses both to keep the micro-markets stocked and ready. Remote monitoring lets us see what items you need in the break room. In-person visits let us be sure our systems are working and keep the micro-market looking its best.

Plus, we use ZippyAssist to ensure great customer service. Any customer, anywhere in Tempe, can contact us using their smartphone and report an issue or ask for a refund. It works for both vending machines and micro-markets!

3. The Right Products Aren’t on Shelves

Problem: Let’s say your micro-market is full, but no one seems to want to buy anything. Even when the staff requested food!

Reason: No one is buying because the product doesn’t meet demand. Staff may want local items or healthy choices, for instance. If these aren’t being offered by your current break room services provider, no one will buy them.

Our Solution: Not only does Breakroom Choices track inventory, but we also aim to give staff what they want! We’ll source whatever items your staff or Tempe residents want! In fact, we offer more than 1,000 different items for just this reason.

Breakroom Choices Delivers a Better Micro-Market Experience

We have a solution for every break room need, whether it’s a lack of products or poor customer service. Reach out today to find out how micro-markets can be better used in your Tempe break room. Call Breakroom Choices at 866-246-4239 or email us at info@breakroomchoices.com!

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