Is a Hybrid Micro-Market the Best Fit for Me?

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Is a Hybrid Micro-Market the Best Fit for Me?

Offer a Phoenix Hybrid Micro-Market and Stand Out from the Pack

You may be wondering if a hybrid micro-market is the right fit for your Phoenix employee break room solutions.

Breakroom Choices makes the choice easy. We offer a variety of break room services tailored to your Phoenix micro-market, your employees, your visitors, and your guests. And we bring the best of pantry and micro-market break room services together to craft the best Phoenix healthy options, just for you.

So what is a hybrid micro-market?

A hybrid micro-market is a benefit to your employees because it provides plenty of fresh and prepared food choices on site, but can include free items paid by your company. What’s more, when you offer services and contribute to the cost, you’ll show your employees how much their well-being matters.

Your employees will have access to lower cost, fresh, quality foods, and snacks with a broad range of options. The hybrid part provides for a unique and healthy breakroom choice. This contributes to corporate wellness. Fresh food and quick, grab-and-go snacks available in your Phoenix break room as a one-stop option aims to keep your staff – and your business – fueled for success.

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Boost your Phoenix office morale and promote better health

Office morale and better health and wellness follow with high quality, nutritious foods. We’re able to customize your Phoenix break room area plans and menus. We do the work, so you can focus on taking care of your business.

With tailor-made stocked and customizable snacks and meals, along with touch less payment options, your break room will virtually run itself.

More benefits for your Phoenix hybrid micro-market

Access to high quality food and snacks goes a long way to keeping employees energized and productive. Consider this:

  • Well nourished employees are eating healthier while on the job, a boon for fewer sick days.
  • Employer subsidized food options mean meals and snacks are available any time, and less costly.
  • An engaging break room experience encourages your employees to linger, creating more meaningful professional relationships.

At Breakroom Choices (BRC) we aim to please. With 25 years of experience, up to the minute technology, and a personal touch with live customer service representatives, we are poised to meet your Phoenix break room solutions meal and snack solutions. A better break room with higher employee satisfaction places you ahead of the competition for talent retention, too.

We’re plugged into food and snack trends to meet your employee’s cravings, with lots of healthy choices.

Increase your employee satisfaction with a well-stocked hybrid micro-market break room. You’ll boost office morale, health and wellness and overall employee satisfaction, and we can help.

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