Draper, What Can You Buy From Your Local Vending Machine?

Vending Machine Options in Draper

Draper, What Can You Buy From Your Local Vending Machine?

Vending Machine Options in Draper

What is the most unusual item that you have purchased from a vending machine this year? How about cupcakes or an umbrella? If you’ve only seen snacks or beverages in a vending machine, you might be surprised to soon find jeans and socks in a vending machine at your Draper mall. UNIQLO USA, a Japanese clothing company, recently announced plans to install 10 new, innovative vending machines that will sell its clothing line in shopping malls and airports around the United States.

Shopping for clothes from a vending machine in Draper might sound far fetched, but if you look around the world, you’ll find a lot of unique items, both edible and non-edible, available in vending machines. Here’s a list of just a few items sold in vending machines all over the globe.

Raw Ingredients: cabbage, bananas, live crabs, lettuce, eggs, rice, lobster, oranges

Vending Machine Options in Draper

Prepared/Cooked Fare: wood-fired pizza, mashed potatoes, french fries, beer, sake, hot bread/baguettes, burgers, hot dogs, pecan pies, canned bread, ice cream, hot instant noodles, salad in a jar, wine, flying fish soup, fried food, and cheese

Retail Products: flip flops, t-shirts, sneakers, surgical masks, ties, moisturizer, nail polish, beauty products, makeup, and (human) hair

Extravagant Purchases: gold bars, caviar, escargot, truffles, mother of pearl spoons, and champagne

Household Items: electronic gadgets (digital cameras, gps, headphones, etc), drumsticks, guitar strings, envelopes, bike parts, new and used books, pet food, baby essentials (diapers, wipes, pacifiers, diaper cream), Hello Kitty toys, LEGOs, diy toys, live bait, and Rhino beetles

“All-in-One” Vending Machines: restaurants, convenience stores

Many of these items will never be available via vending machines in the United States. There are, however, many different types of traditional and healthy snacks and beverages as well as freshly made food available now in Draper office break room vending machines and micro-markets.

Draper employees can enjoy a chocolate protein bar or hot coffee for a caffeine pick-me-up, a healthy salad or sandwich for a quick meal, or a salty snack to satisfy that late afternoon craving—all from the office break room. Employers also have the opportunity to sweeten the deal and offer everything to their employees at a reduced price or at no cost.  

Whether you’d like to add a few new snack and beverage choices to your vending machines, Pantry Service, or a micro-market to your office break room, Breakroom Choices can help. For more information about our full-service refreshment solutions, call us at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239).

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