Beverage Vending Machines and Other Beverage Solutions to Quench Summer Thirst in Phoenix and Salt Lake City

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Beverage Vending Machines and Other Beverage Solutions to Quench Summer Thirst in Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Summer months can be scorching hot. So, keeping employees hydrated and refreshed is vital. In cities like Phoenix and Salt Lake City, summer temps can really soar. That makes providing beverage solutions in the workplace even more crucial.

This blog post highlights five effective beverage options. Each one can help your staff beat the heat. When employees are hydrated, they will stay healthy and productive throughout the summer.

Top Beverage Solutions for Your Workplace

There are many beverage solutions. The right one for your workplace will depend on your needs. Take a look at some of the most popular options for Phoenix and Salt Lake City break rooms:

1. Beverage Vending Machines

Traditional beverage vending machines are convenient. Plus, they’re very reliable. These machines offer many different refreshing drinks. For example, find water, juice, soda, and energy drinks. When you work with Breakroom Choices, we can even tailor your beverage selection. Just let us know what drinks you’d like. Then, we’ll make sure they’re always stocked.

With Phoenix and Salt Lake City vending machines, employees can quickly grab their preferred beverages. A beverage vending machine makes it easy for staff to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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2. Lavit Water Filtration

There’s nothing like a cold drink of water when you’re thirsty. Improve your Phoenix or Salt Lake City workplace’s water with a water filtration system. Lavit Water Filtration systems are both a sustainable and cost-effective solution. They don’t only filter tap water. They also keep the water nice and cold. Plus, they provide sparkling or still water. You can even jazz up your water with customized flavor pods.

Installing Lavit machines in your office can help employees stay healthy.  Plus, you’ll reduce single-use plastic bottle waste. A water service in the break room goes very well with an office coffee service. That means even fresher-tasting coffee.

3. Office Coffee Service

Coffee and tea are popular choices for employees who need a pick-me-up. An office coffee service offers many premium coffee and tea options. Iced coffee is an especially great choice during the summer months. How does it work? Employees can brew coffee in the morning and refrigerate it. Then, they can pour it over ice for a refreshing iced coffee in the afternoon.

Single-cup coffee machines like the Flavia CREATION 600 and Flavia CREATION 300 are great options. They use touchless technology! That means employees can use an app to brew their coffee. Or, they can opt to use the touchscreen interface. Both models make highly customizable drinks for employees with all taste preferences.

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4. Micro-Market Offer Many Beverage Solutions

A micro-market can include many different drinks. For example, stock it with Black Rifle Coffee, Red Bull, and bottled water. Employees can easily browse the options and compare beverages. After choosing their favorite products, they can pay using a self-serve kiosk.

Phoenix and Salt Lake City micro-markets provide a wider selection of beverages than vending machines. They can be filled with hundreds of products. That makes it easier to meet the needs of many tastes and preferences. It is also highly customizable. We can help you tailor it to suit your Phoenix or Salt Lake City business perfectly.

5. Office Pantry

Do you want to give your employees free beverages? This can help promote a positive work environment. Plus, it can help keep everyone hydrated and healthy. You can easily provide free drinks through an office pantry. Stock your Phoenix or Salt Lake City office pantry with a wide array of beverages. Offer water, juices, soft drinks, and specialty beverages, among others. Or, add a water filtration service to your pantry. That way,  employees can enjoy clean and refreshing water throughout the day.

Breakroom Choices is Your Beverage Solutions Provider

Water, coffee, and other beverages can power employees during the workday.

Breakroom Choices can help you bring great beverage solutions to your break room. Call our Utah branch at 801-683-8783 or Arizona branch at 480-690-6000 to get started! Alternatively, email us at, or contact us here today!

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