vending machines and water filtration service in LoganLogan is in Love with Vending Machines

We know how to design the perfect food and beverage vending selection for your Logan office breakroom. Logan employees love vending machines that are convenient and reasonably priced. We offer brand names that are always a favorite and we offer an assortment of products so that employees are given the opportunity to taste new options. Our full line vending offers the latest technology, allowing employees to make cashless payments using their credit or debit card, or even their mobile phone. Employees will always feel satisfied having fully stocked vending machines at work with a variety of options that allow them the opportunity to try new food, beverages or snacks!

Logan is Looking for an Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service

Our one stop office and tea service provides employees with fully stocked shelves to complete your Logan office breakroom. We ensure that your shelves will always be fully stocked with name brand coffees, teas, sugars, creamers, and any supplies your employees need to make that perfect cup of coffee. The single-cup brewers are beneficial because every employee and guest can make their own, different beverage, fast and easily. Of course, for the heavy coffee users we have traditional brewers that allow customers to brew up a full pot of coffee for either themselves, or other employees.

Your Logan employees will receive great tasting water thanks to our advanced water filtration system that is plumbed directly into your existing water line. Our bottle-less water filtration systems dispense hot and cold water and hook up to your already existing waterline. We offer countertop and floor-standing models that are designed to fit in perfectly to your office breakroom.

office coffee and micro markets in LoganMicro-Markets Offer a Great Selection for Logan

A micro-market is an open concept mini store that enhances and increases the selection of your Logan office breakroom snacking and beverage options. Having a mini store on sight means employees don’t have to leave, leading to increased productivity. The micro-market carries more option then a regular vending machine. Featuring open racks, shelves and coolers that contain all of your favorite snacks, beverages and food items. Never have to worry about your micro-market not being monitored because our micro-markets are monitored by camera 24/7. Micro-markets are great for Logan businesses of all sizes.

If you are interested in vending machines, office coffee services, water filtration, or micro-markets for your Logan office, please give Breakroom Choices a call at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239) or email us at