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vending machines and office coffee service in LaytonLayton Loves Vending Machines

Breakroom Choices vending machines are exactly what your Layton business’s breakroom needs. There are many benefits to having vending machines in the office, such as keeping workers on the job, they will never have to step foot outside the office which means more time spent on work related projects. Your Layton employees will enjoy having varieties of snacks and beverages to choose from because we offer Coca Cola vending machines, Pepsi vending machines, healthy vending machines, and coffee vending machines. We have unique vending agreements such as, subsidized and free vending agreements that boost company morale.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Layton

Breakroom Choices provides a coffee service that caters to your Layton hot beverage needs. There is nothing better than having an office breakroom that provides an assortment of coffees and teas with advanced coffee equipment. We offer single cup brewers, like the Keurig, that allow employees to brew up their very own latte or cappuccino. Traditional brewers are an option as well, the perfect solution for heavy users, who also want a good coffee selection. Our office coffee service even caters to the non-coffee drinkers with a wide variety of teas as well.

Water filtration is another great service that we provide for your Layton business that removes impurities that affect taste. Available in countertop and floor-standing models that dispense both hot and cold filtered water. It is a great benefit as a standalone service as well as to provide great tasting coffee and tea. Better tasting water starts with our advanced water filtration service. Eliminate the need to transport and store large 5-gallon water bottles with our bottle-less water units.

vending service and micro-markets in LaytonLayton Needs More Micro-Markets

Each Breakroom Choices micro-market is customized to reflect the tastes of your Layton employees. Micro-markets have open coolers and wracks where employees can personally grab the items they would like to purchase and even have the option to read the nutrition label if they would like. We always know how your market is doing thanks to our advanced product management that also lets us know what items need to be restocked before returning. It is as easy as swiping your credit or debit card through the self-checkout kiosk.

Is your Layton company ready to do business with Breakroom Choices? Please give us a call at 866-Choice9 (866-246-4239) or email us at